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If you’re looking for commercial property for rent Sheffield, then you’ve come to the right place! We’re looking forward to your visit to our workspaces at Wizu!

No matter what type of commercial space you need, we can ensure you have everything to your business needs to be a success. We have a large range of flexible offices spaces in Sheffield, which your business can call home. Your company will have a flexible, comfortable workspace that includes plenty of amenities.

Commercial Property for Rent Sheffield
Sheffield Commercial Property for Rent

Why Choose Us for Your Commercial Property for Rent Sheffield?

Let’s review the reasons—there are several!

Honesty: you can always count on us to work with you in complete honesty and transparency. We put our clients first in every way, including if something goes wrong. If there’s an issue, we quick take care of it for you. That way you can the business operating as usual, while trusting us to take care of the issue and find a quick resolution.

Our spaces: we have a wide variety of workspaces available that are the perfect fit for all types of commercial businesses. What’s more, we can customise your space, so you’ll be able to enjoy a bespoke work environment that precisely fits your company on every level. Your employees will enjoy working in our uplifting, contemporary work environments, which are specially designed to foster productivity.

Flexible contracts: with our flexible contracts, you’ll have all the flexibility to scale your business up (or down). We offer short- and long-term contracts. Plus, our contracts are all-inclusive, which means everything is covered in one monthly fee. There’s no need to worry about paying for utilities, maintenance, furniture purchases, and more. It’s all covered in the one fee, and you never have to worry about hidden fees.

Our Sheffield commercial properties to let

We’ve got a city centre commercial property in Sheffield available to you:

leeds commercial property

Eyre Street

We are located at 32 Eyre Street, a prominent landmark in the heart of Sheffield city centre. We’ve completely redeveloped the space to provide truly beautiful and iconic workspaces. We are located within the ring road and just a short distance from all major transport links and a load of amenities including Moor Markets and New Era Square.

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What Comes with Our Commercial Properties for Rent Sheffield?

Earlier we mentioned that some brilliant amenities come with our commercial properties in Sheffield. And we’re serious—you’re going to love these great perks! Let’s take a look!

When you sign up for one of our flexible leases, you’ll be pleasantly surprised to find that everything’s included in the lease. This means you won’t have to move in large amounts of office furniture and equipment. These are included in the lease and are included in one monthly fee! Here some more perks you’ll enjoy:

Accommodation: our workspaces are able to accommodate from 1 to 60 people comfortably. Plus, our spaces are flexible and can be customised to meet your business requirements.

Rent & utilities: all your bills are included in one monthly bill. We mentioned before that our leases are both flexible and all-inclusive. When we say everything’s included, we mean it. In addition, you won’t have to worry about extra fees. Everything’s included and we will not charge you any hidden or extra fees!

Lightning-fast Internet: we have one of the fastest Internet connections in Sheffield! And you’ll find we offer both wired and wireless connectivity. Because our Internet is stable, you won’t have to worry about a slow connection or one that suddenly stops. Our Internet is rock solid and will be up when you need it!

24/7 access: did we mention you’ll have 24/7 access to your office? This means you’re no longer tired to a regular 9-5 work schedule. Instead, you can work when you want. If you’d like to work late at night, you can do it. And if you want to work on the weekends, it’s never a problem. You work at a time that’s right for you.

Our tech: we also provide the latest in technology, which ensures your business is set up for success. This includes our lightning fast WiFi, and more. You’ll have everything needed to keep your business operations running smoothly and efficiently.

Meeting rooms: we also have meeting rooms that are located right on site, where your office will be. Any time you’d like to have a meeting, just let us know. We’ll have it all ready and set up for you.

Maintenance: we said everything’s included in one monthly fee, and we’re serious. This even includes maintenance and cleaning! You won’t have to worry about paying more for maintenance or worry about hiring a cleaning crew. We take care of all this for you!

Office Furniture: we’ll make sure your new office is completely and comfortably furnished. It will be set up in advance of your move in date. This will, of course, be customised for your unique company’s needs. When you move in, just bring your laptop, plug in and get down to business.

Specialty coffee: we also have some of the greatest coffee in Sheffield! And you can have as much of our specialty coffee as you’d like!

Our Commercial Property for Rent Sheffield

We have some amazing workspaces in our Eyre Street building you’re sure to love. This building is situated in Sheffield’s thriving business district. We’re only a short walk away from the Sheffield Train Station and the Sheffield Interchange. By car, we’re only short walk from the Moore Car Park.

Our Eyre Street workspace also sits across from the cultural industrial quarter. And it offers a wide range of office types from coworking spaces, to managed offices, and more.

You’ll find our Eyre Street workplace offers unique workspaces where your business will fit in naturally and comfortably. If you’re convinced, contact us today! We’re looking forward to working with you!

We love being part of the Wizu Community. The team always meet our needs to make sure we have a pleasant working environment, we are very happy.

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